Booking Information for Exhibitors 2024

Welcome to the Prestige Wedding Fairs website and thank you for your interest in our events. Our company is a family run business that has been helping couples with their wedding planning for over 20 years.  The current directors are Zoe and Peter Downey.

Below you’ll see exhibitor booking information with a few more details of what to expect at our fairs.

If you would like to receive booking details and go on our mailing list for future events, please complete the contact form.  

If you are a photographer please refer to photographer’s information.

At Prestige Wedding Fairs you will always find:

  • Loyalty discounts – book 3 or more fairs and the price per fair reduces.  The more you book the more you save!
  • Extensive Online advertising campaigns
  • Promotion on social media and our News & Offers page for any special offers you have at the fairs
  • Banners and/or signs to the event
  • A limited number of each type of service
  • Complimentary tea and coffee for exhibitors
  • No ‘hidden charges’ for tablecloths, electricity etc. The price we quote is what you pay
  • Dozens of relevant websites advertising our fairs
  • Newspaper, magazine, and radio advertising